As a marine biologist I conduct scientific research on a variety of subjects including ocean ecology, animal migration, marine conservation, and cognitive science.

Our approach is highly collaborative and open, and working with students, community members, and fishers is common if not a requirement.

In 1996 our team tracked the first animal swimming across an entire ocean. A loggerhead turtle, named Adelita, was tracked 12,000 km over 368 between Baja California, Mexico and Sendai, Japan.

Over the years we've used many different tools to increase our understanding of the ocean and the animals in it and to find solutions to the most urgent problems threatening their survival.

Some of our team's publications are listed and linked here, on Research Gate and on Google Scholar.

More recently we've turned some of our focus to understanding the neuroscience of the human - water connection. The project has grown into The Blue Mind Movement, part of an emerging field of research and health and wellness practice. When Blue Mind ideas are applied to fixing what's broken in nature, we refer to it as neuroconservation. Our mission is to make Blue Mind common knoledge and practice for the nearly 8 billion people residing on Earth.