Investing in my efforts to create useful words.

A special group of patrons and ambassadors support my efforts financially through Patreon, generously share their time and creativity, and deeply trust in this innovative and artfully collaborative work. They allow me to have the intellectual freedom required to create the changes we need.

Partnering with several leading non-profit organizations, a wide range of international students, government agencies and businesses across many sectors is leading to a bigger, wider, stronger blue movement for wild and healthy waters and oceans. My goal is to make the Blue Mind ethos and science common knowledge around the world, accessible to everyone and prcticed by all.

I know, that's a big dream.

Since the release of my New York Times bestseller Blue Mind we have seen the book translated into a dozen languages and formats, shared over 300 keynote addresses, workshops, and talks around the world, created a media footprint that has reached a billion people through leading radio, print, TV, podcast, and internet outlets, and mentored countless students and leaders across many sectors.

J with blue marble

Wherever I go I strive to mentor and support the next generation of leaders, both informally and formally, as a member of graduate student committees and as an advisor to numerous educational programs and businesses. I serve as science advisor and board member for many leading water, ocean, conservation, and education organizations.

At this point it's safe to say that I've completely committed my life to building a stronger, smarter, better connected, and more effective blue movement to help fix what's broken in both people and nature.

You contribution via Patreon helps me take my work where it is needed most.

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